lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

Fix slow Windows 7

  1. Create a bootable Xubuntu USB installer. You can follow these instructions. Latest version recommended.
  2. Stick the USB in the computer, reboot, and on the BIOS, select the USB as boot drive with priority over the hard disk.
  3. On the Xubuntu installer, follow the steps to replace Windows 7 by Xubuntu.
  4. Once booted up and logged in, run these commands on a terminal to replace the default crappy office and multimedia applications by the excellent LibreOffice and VLC:
    1. sudo apt-get remove abiword gnumeric gmusicbrowser parole
    2. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/ppa
    3. sudo apt-get update
    4. sudo apt-get install libreoffice vlc
  5. Optional: if it is the computer of a friend, amaze him/her by telling that there are no viruses an no antivirus is needed.
  6. Open Firefox and install Adblock Plus.
  7. Enjoy for many years without virus nor performance drop!

Preview of the result:

Before After

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