sábado, 3 de agosto de 2013

LibreOffice has to fix its presence on distros

Something that LibreOffice has to fix is its presence on distros.

Is close to value-less that you don't get LibreOffice upgrades if you don't upgrade your distro.

I use Ubuntu 12.04 based distros at home and at work, and I plan to keep doing that at least until May 2014.

Xubuntu 12.04

They just work, and they work fast.

They don't give me problems because Ubuntu 12.04 is the Linux distro developers look at when they do develop. It has been like so since a year ago, and it is going to be so for the next year at least.

But LibreOffice 3.5 is a piece of shit. Relatively at least.

Why do I have to miss all the new love that the community put in LibreOffice 4.1?

LibreOffice 4.1

Why will I have to miss it again for LibreOffice 4.2?

Early preview of LibreOffice 4.2

If Ubuntu 12.04 can receive Firefox upgrades each 6 weeks, for sure it can receive LibreOffice upgrades each 6 months.

So, gals and guys: Let's do it!

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